It's time to celebrate you!

Anyone can be nominated, anyone can become the winner, as long as you meet the criteria.

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How to vote/nominate your personality of the month.

To nominate, the following criteria are most considered. 


1. Social impact (nominee's contribution that impacts live/society)

2. Nominee must possess standout attributes.

3. Has a social media account (FB, IG, Twitter).

4. Brief background bio-data of nominee.

5. Contacts, including social media accounts if possible.



Selection will be based on random pick of the best five personalities by the author. Voting for the number one, will be done by you the nominees, as the best five shortlist would be released for an open voting online.

The personality with most votes wins. And automatically becomes the personality for the month.

Entries can be done via the following ways.

  • Facebook page (please remember to like page).
  • Twitter (Follow)
  • (send typed bio data document as attachment file here only)
  • Website
  • WhatsApp +2348027717397



Winner gets the chance to be profiled on #MuCapStandOut Section of for a whole month.

Recurrent personalities can be shortlisted for the personality of the year awards. 

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