Klopp Sides With Mourinho Over Fixture Complaints


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Jurgen Klopp has backed Jose Mourinho’s claims of Manchester United’s fixture congestions, saying his squad is suffering.

Manchester United will play at midday on Sunday against Middlesbrough, just days after overcoming Rostov at Old Trafford.

And Klopp , who faced the same problems last season with Liverpool backed the Red Devils manager.

It is all about using the experience you have and when you think of experience I heard what Jose Mourinho said and what the pundits think about it,” Klopp told UK newspapers.

Last season we had the same experience. It was really hard.

We played Villarreal and then Swansea at 12. If you want to help you should not do that. I know it is contracted, but 12 or 4pm? Don’t play then.

Don’t make it more difficult than it should be. We thought the same. We thought it was really hard. That was an experience.

Jurgen Klopp - Liverpool Manager

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