Gorgeous Italian presenter accidentally FLASHES underwear on LIVE TV


Barbara Francesca Ovieni
Barbara Francesca Ovieni

Barbara Francesca Ovieni

WARDROBE malfunctions are an unfortunate side effect of live television and Italian presenter Barbara Francesca Ovieni has learned the hard way.


The gorgeous brunette accidentally flashed her underwear during a live segment for an Italian TV station.

Barbara Francesca Ovieni was hosting the football show Rabona when the wardrobe mishap unfolded.

Ovieni sported a skimpy white dress for the occasion with a plunging cutout neckline showing off her ample assets.

The presenter sat down as she talked to the camera but as she attempted to cross her legs the flouncy dress got in her way.


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Without diverging from her lines, the buxom brunette grabbed the bottom of her dress with one hand and flicked it upwards.

Her attempt to adjust the outfit unfortunately backfired, when Ovieni revealed a lot more than intended in the process.

The tiny manoeuvre exposed her commando-patterned knickers underneath the dress.

In less than a second the skirt had settled back down again and covered the presenter back up.


See Video below (+18):

An Italian news presenter suffered a wardrobe malfunction on live TV.

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