WOMAN leaves motorists gobsmacked after dancing behind the wheel of her car topless on a busy dual carriageway. (Photos)

The unknown driver, who filmed herself while travelling in Buenos Aires, Argentina, pulled her top around her hips exposing her boobs as she gesticulated along the music with her hands trailing out of the window.


The carefree woman was dancing along to “Loquita”, which means crazy, by a Uruguayan group called Marama.

It is alleged that the film was made as the mystery woman was on her way home following an all-night party.

The spectacle happened along a busy dual carriageway in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sporting a pair of sunglasses, she doesn't appear to be bothered by the attention of other motorists driving in the opposite direction.

In the clip, she can be seen showing off her assets while readjusting her seatbelt.

The footage reportedly went viral after it was shared on WhatsApp.


Bottom line is.

What could prompt such bizarre attitude from a woman?

1. Could she be high on something?

2. Could she be using the internet for cheap and quick fame?

3. Is this more like a contest, bet or done for a price?


Only she has got answers to these questions.

See video below.

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