Lovers found dead in a car.
Lovers found dead in a car.

Lovers found dead in a car.

Young Russian couple killed by carbon monoxide poisoning while having sex in a car after turning on the ignition to keep warm. Pair snuck off to garage to have sex in his Skoda and were found naked in each others' arms.


The lovers, known only as Artem S and Anna D had only been seeing each other for a few months when the tragedy happened.

The pair had been at Artem’s family home in Ufa, in the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan, but had told his parents they were going out for a walk.

Artem, 18, took 20-year-old Anna to a lock-up garage where he had been renovating his beloved old Skoda Felicia car.

Police believe the pair turned on the car’s ignition so the heater could stave of the freezing temperatures as they made love.

Artem’s family became worried when they did not return and went out to search for the couple. They found the lovers naked in each others’ arms in the Skoda.

A friend of Artem’s said the relationship was so new his pal had not introduced Anna to him. Artem was about to graduate from catering college but dreamed of opening his own garage repair shop.

The tragic story has sparked a lot of media interest. Netizen Yuriy Koldin said on the internet: “Such things happen pretty often. It is a lot safer to have sex behind trash cans than in a garage.”

Another Troll Gorniy added: “That’s a good death as they both fell asleep in a good mood.” Temperatures in the region which, is in the Urals, can dip to minus 16C in the winter.

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