It is often said that wonders will never cease and the recent picture going viral that depicts a fish with two heads is one of those situations. Scientists are getting even more surprised and baffled as more and more sea creatures with two heads continue to surface, a weird trend which started in 2008.



The most recent puzzle is the report that a set of Spanish researchers found this two-headed Atlantic Sawtail Catshark.

They noticed the creature as an embryo in one shark’s see-through eggs.
They then  opened up the embryo to study this interesting creature. The study has been published in the Journal of Fish Biology. On the decision to remove the fish before it had completely hatched naturally, the researchers believe that the embryo might not have survived if that was the case.

They also believe that these mutant species of embryo would not live long before hatching.


What would you have done if you spotted a fish like this?

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