Tragedy struck Ekwulumili community in the Nnewi south local government area of Anambra state, as six brothers died after eating poisoned food last week. According to Ewenike Ogechukwu who posted the photos of the funeral on his Facebook page, the person behind the crime is yet to be identified.

six children buried


He also wrote that the police had already visited the scene of the incident and launched an investigation.  The caption reads: “The children were poisoned by an unknown person through the food they kept at home in Ekwulumili, Anambra state.  But serious investigation is in progress now, the victims must be figured out and not go on punished.”


six children die from food poisoning

Another local named Chidozie Venantiu also took to social media to express his emotions over the incident and ask to help the distraugth parents.
He wrote:

“The town has been boiling since yesterday. A family lost six children in what they deemed as food poisoning.  The parents want to commit suicide. Please help us pass the information to the appropriate quarters.”


children killed by stepmom

The deceased include Chukwuebuka, 17, Chinemere, 15, Afomachukwu, 13, Chekwubeckwu, 11, Onyekachukwu, 13, and Chukwuziterem, 7.  However, not everyone believe that children were poisoned to death by some unknown person. The rumours emerged that the boys’ stepmom probably is the one who killed them or their father used them for rituals.

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