Have you heard about a name “Clathrus archeri”? It’s a fungus commonly known also as “Devil’s Fingers”. When you see it, you will immediately understand why it is called exactly this way.


It comes from New Zealand, Tasmania and Australia but looks more like an alien than a fungus. The majority of fungi come from the ground but “Devil’s Fingers” comes out of eggs!


First of all, an egg looks like a baggie and then a process of hatching happens. And it looks really creepy!  The fungus breaks out by means of forming from 4 to 7 thin “palpi”. Afterwards, they get twisted looking more like a deformed version of fingers. And this creature gets a tinge of pink and red covered with dark olive sporous crust. An odour of this fungus reminds of rottenness.  Lately, photos of this fungus are more and more often floating around the Internet that shows that it’s not an object of a great rarity so far! But honestly, would you like to see such alien… oh, fungus?


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