Lovers Dating.

Lovers Dating.

The only reason some guy is scoring big with women and you're not, is that he knows something you don't know.


When you're out in the world notice how women act. 

At a restaurant, a coffee shop or department store. Observe and make mental notes. If you're looking for a woman, in a bar, a club, a social event or wherever, observe how women act. 

If she's with a man watch what she does:

  • Is she touching him?
  • Is he touching her?
  • When she's talking to a man is he doing most of the talking-or is she?
  • Is she leaning toward him or away? 

    We'll talk about body language in future tips but for now your assignment is to observe and make mental notes. 

    Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "What? You are speaking so loudly I can't hear what you're saying." 

    And so it goes when you observe. 

You won't have to hear a word they're saying, because you will understand exactly what is going on by watching the way that they act.

This works for observing a couple, or a woman alone, or two or more women together. 

Especially look for signs of 'interest.'

  • Is she interested in the man she's with?
  • Can you see it?
  • Where are her eyes focused? 

    Her interest is a key factor in any relationship, whether you want to take her home that night or marry her, her degree of interest will be the deciding factor. 

    In fact, there is nothing more important than her interest. 

    In next week's tip we'll explore more about how to gauge her interest. And in future tips I'll tell you how to maximize her interest. 

    Until then, become a good observer. 


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